Honour Killings

Hi all,

I read this story in the BBC news about parents being sent to jail for killing their daughter with acid after they feared that her actions would bring dishonour to the family.


Apparently, this young girl Anusha had looked at a boy twice. This resulted in her being doused in acid by her mother, then being denied medical help for many hours while she pleaded in agony.

Before I get into this story, I would just like to say that I completely respect cultural differences between countries, faith, beliefs and religion. We live in a beautiful and culturally rich world, one that I cannot pretend to understand completely. However, in my mind, certain actions are abhorrent, no matter what context surrounds them.

This shocking story is one I am really struggling with. There is something unnatural about denying a person not only the right to be herself, but also killing your own kin. I felt I needed to read up on the subject of honour killings, as this is something I know little about.

The digital resource centre “Honour Based Violence Awareness Network” (www.honour-killings.com) has some very useful information on the historical significance of killing for honour. The experts really seem to know what they are talking about. If you are interested to know more about this gruesome but historically fascinating topic, I really recommend having a browse.


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