Post: the little things that make you smile when travelling

taking your well worn and full passport out for inspection

using your penknife (using it on a beer bottle doesn’t count)

getting the emails from back home saying its raining and everyone is miserable

using your headtorch when the power cuts out

that first feeling of seeing the land at your destination, in a car, on plane or on a boat

that feeling of humid heat when leaving the plane

listening to a local song in a club and learning the lyrics to it with locals

counting from one to ten in the local language

getting complimented on your ability to withstand the climate / dreadful roads

seeing other travellers and helping them out

managing to understand how local public transport works

avoiding the tourist traps

finding out you have the right currency before going

finding out you don’t need any extra vaccines for the trip

finding out someone you know will be in the same random place at the same time as you

getting free accommodation (no questions asked)

visa applications are not complicated

realise you hardly need to pack for the trip, seeing as you were so lazy unpacking for the last one, everything is still in the suitcase

knowing your way around a strange city without the map

setting up your mosquito net perfectly; hearing them buzz aound outside your net, and knowing they are NOT coming in

getting upgraded to economy plus on your flight

seeing how cheap a cold beer is

knowing you have spent less than a fellow tourist because of your “amazing” bargaining skills

the sounds of the early dawn in a foreign city

the smell of coffee in the morning(no matter where you are, it’s a comforting smell)

taking a well worn and battered little booklet to write someone’s contact details

buying local fruits and sharing them with the locals on your bus journey

after the anxious and drawn out waiting in your bed, finally getting started on a long journey early in the morning

sharing a moment with an old local person

realising that your solar power works in sunny countries, as opposed to dark European skies

making a small child smile and become shy

listening to that song from back home which will give you such good memories when you hear it again

dozing in the heat at midday

being able to eat local food without getting an upset stomach

sharing a moment with Gregoire from DRC is a good memory… I later printed out this picture for him, and he was extremely happy!


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