Post: meditative states make your world go round


We barely have a moment in the real world, a world of planning ahead, making ends meet, trying your best at work, complex emotions borne of human relationships, and endless demagogy on the newswire.

The real world… a world not necessarily of your choosing… A world you are living with

What about your own planet? Your own thoughts? Your own ambitions? Are they part of your world, or the one around you? How do you even know where you fit in?

Lost in the world, when emotions and life get the better of you.

We are humans, and we have all been there

Everyone has a different way of coping with it

My way:

Building a moment where nothing matters but the now; a moment that symbolises all that you are working towards: rock climbing

It is intimidating, dangerous and unforgiving. I accept that, and I will always respect nature

But when I am on the wall, in a climbing centre or in nature, immersed in the next move and how to move my body to get to the next hold, there is nothing but the now. Work, personal life, money, war and peace do not enter this dominion. No one can.

I am me, my right thumb, my left shoulder blade, my Achilles tendon, the collection of which are working my way through a problem only I can solve, physically and mentally.

The move to balance yourself, feeling your body dedicate itself to that next move, the physical and mental progression up a wall, is unbelievable oneness. The meditative state you enter is the higher plain philosophers have described since the first day of quiescent and spiritual thought. It is hard to describe but I know that all have had that feeling before. Adrenalin and serotonin are the physical working hormones, but accomplishment and belief is the end product, and no amount of chemical reactions in the body can explain this feeling.

I am not a religious person, but I believe that these meditative states are as close to that otherworld feeling I can get, and I consider them extremely important in our crazy lives.

Where this meditative states leads and what it gives you is the capacity to change yourself, and the little bit of the world you know that is around you.

Life is beautiful, complex, amazing and a whirlwind of emotions, but the little moments who render life simple and all about the now are vital. Don’t ever forget that. Find them and you will find yourself


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